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Frequenlty Asked Questions


Last updated Feb 2023

Q: How do I join the Cryptids League?


A: The easiest way to get connected with us is through discord regardless of the game you play or how you found us. Join discord! then we can invite you in-game.  Discord link:  If this link expires you can send a message via the contact us page.

Q: What games are you currently active in?

Our main activity is in World of Warcraft, however our members play all sorts of games you can reach out to them on discord. We are always looking out for new potential games where we can go together to play in force!



Q: What is this community about?


A: We are primarily focused on PvP/PvE activities across multiple games, mostly large-scale PVP. We like to have fun yet are dedicated to winning in a non-toxic envoirnment. ​ We have specialized runs that require no voice during in-game activities that suit casual players or people with disabilities. Anyone can easily join in when we play without any usage of comms in the most complex gaming environments. In fact we are known for this! A lot of our success came from without any usage of voice in battles!

We have discord based / no voice group activities in our community.


Q: Are there any requirements to join the community?


A: No we are a casual community where everyone can join in regardless of their gear or experience. There may be requirements for some activities depending on the game. But to join the community itself there are no requirements!

Q: I want to complain about someone I am upset about something.



A: We take things very seriously about how our members are being treated. If you feel anything is not right contact us so we can investigate and sort it out.


Q: Are you the same group that had an article published on PCGAMER?



A: YES! Here's the link for the pc gamer article.

Q: Why is this community named after Cryptids?


A:  ​Cryptids had growing rivalries so to create more confusion and annoyance Cryptids decided to make an entire guild/community where hundreds of people had the same guild tag as Cryptids. This made it even more difficult for enemy groups to engage with Cryptids in PvP combat. Ever since the community has grown by thousands of members!


Q: Does your community do Alpha/Beta testing fo games?

Yes! send an email to or use the above form.


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