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Cryptids League also known as the Anduin's Knights
In the Cryptids League community, we love playing games together and having fun, especially World of Warcraft,  that's us in the picture on our gryphons! That's just not it! We love what these charities do for the people struggling in their lives, we are a community of over 10,000 players and the core CL team helps spread awareness for these charities, so they receive donations.
We might not be able to do what they do in terms of action, but by showing them support it greatly helps these charities and the people that they help!
So how do we do this?
In-game events attracting hundreds of people
Additional activities include:
Social Media
Discord promotions
Guild Promotions
All of this is done for FREE!  By clicking on the charity links, you are redirected to their websites, and you give them 100%
TAKE ACTION and click on these charities below to show your support for these charities and the Cryptids League! All it takes is one small step to make a difference in someone's life. :)
Click to support ASPCA
Click to Support the Unseen
Click to Support the Cancer Research
Hunger 2.PNG
Click to Support Action Against Hunger
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Support the Cryptids League
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If you like what we are doing and would like to support our cause you can show your support to us.
  1. Get Involved practically with our activities
  2. Show support by gifting to us for our efforts.
  3. You can support us monthly or one time.
  4. You could be a skilled designer, video maker, promoter, a strategist, organizer whatever skills you have we could use your help!
How we will use it?
People put in their time and skills for content, graphics, videos, marketing, managing, hosting events we would like to give them something back via game time, gifts, in-game mounts and paying them straight off while covering necessary hosting costs.
Your support also allows us to spend more on marketing to help get donations for these charities.
If you want to get your charity added to this list for potential donations,
contact us by clicking  >HERE<
For the Alliance!
Hail King Anduin, We are the Anduin's Knights!
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